Who We Are

Parent Club is made up of the parents and guardians of Holy Redeemer students. We have some specific roles, and usually work to fill these roles at the end of one school year and/or at the start of the new year.

Lise Morton-Massey and Lori Bell, Chairs – we have two chairs who share the leadership, prepare agendas, communicate about upcoming meetings with the school community, the principal, special guests, and with everyone giving reports. They coordinate and delegate leadership for specific events that Parent Club runs. Often one chair is new to the role and one is returning.

Christina Wienholz, Co-Chair – we have one co-chair who participates to help with tasks, and to learn the ropes – we hope that the co-chair will become one of the chairs during the following year.

Ginna McLean, Treasurer – the treasurer tracks the money coming in and out of the club’s coffers (which are housed inside the accounting systems of HRCS – we do not have our own bank account). If you make an approved expenditure on behalf of Parent Club, you turn your receipt into the treasurer in order to get reimbursed from the school. The treasurer also procures cash boxes ahead of events requiring it (any time the Spirit Store is open; the Monster Mash; and the Lenten Fish Fry dinners in February/March/April).

Melanie Smith, Secretary – the secretary takes notes during meetings and makes them available via Google docs as soon as possible thereafter by emailing a link to the Google doc, and including action items in the body of that email.

Nikki DelGiudice and Michelle Burch, Spirit Store manager(s) – one or two fashion savvy, entrepreneurial parents make sure to submit Spirit Store orders to our print company monthly, fill out the paperwork to pay invoices, and distribute the merchandise to families once it comes in. They also innovate – working with Parent Club, they decide what new items to include in the Spirit Store, what items sell too slowly, and how much to charge for items. When updates are needed, they update the merchandise page for the HRCS website. They also staff – or find volunteers to staff – Spirit Store pop-ups at community events.

Kate Grewell, Liaison to the School Advisory Council (SAC) – The School Advisory Council is another group at Holy Redeemer that allows parents to give input into school decisions. The SAC Liaison comes to Parent Club meetings and offers reports about the work SAC is engaged in, and then offers Parent Club reports back at SAC meetings.

Amy Potthast, Earthquake Liaison and IT – The Earthquake Liaison reports to the Parent Club about news coming from the Earthquake Committee. Amy also holds the role of webmaster for this website, and maintains many Google groups that classes use to stay in touch with each other throughout the year. If your class would like help setting up a Google group, please contact the Amy here.

Parent Reps – every class has a Parent Representative (or two) who comes to Parent Club meetings, reports back requests and announcements to all the parents for the class they represent, and coordinates parent involvement in Staff Appreciation efforts. Sometimes two parents serve as Co-Reps, so that they can share the responsibilities and participation in meetings.

  • Pre-school: Ingrida Misviciene
  • Pre-K: Megan Bradach
  • Kindergarten: Kelsey Prenger
  • 1st grade: Jennifer Coughlin, Meagan Igloria
  • 2nd grade: Kate Grewell
  • 3rd grade: Kate Suddes, Crystal Neill
  • 4th grade: Dave Larsen
  • 5th grade: Stephanie Egbers-Meyers
  • 6th grade: Dominique Dallmayr 
  • 7th grade: Nikki Del Giudice
  • 8th grade: Rachel Burdon

Other roles – Committee members! We will have committees that support the variety of events and activities that Parent Club leads.

Every year we look for volunteers to fill roles such as: BBQ event leader, Monster Mash event leader, Fish Fry event leader, Fish Fry volunteer leaders,  Head Fryer, and Walk and Roll campaign leader – among others – ebb and flow throughout the year.

If you are interested in any of these roles, even for the future, we would love to have you “apprentice” for a year under the current event leader so that you can learn the ropes. Just let us know!