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Fish Fry – What to Expect

This year the Fish Fry is undergoing some changes! Not only can you pay by credit card (which was introduced last year) but we’ll have two Fish Fry events and, after Easter, a steak dinner!

The event runs from 5:30-7:30 – if you arrive right at the beginning you might face a longer line than if you arrive at 6 or so. Note that Stations of the Cross in English starts at 6, and there may be another crowd surge when that lets out.

Give your order and pay as you walk in. Allow young volunteers to seat you – they will accommodate you if you plan to meet up with specific friends or family. They will deliver your order to the kitchen.

If you’ve ordered beer, wine, soda, or dessert, you’ll be given a ticket for each – bring the ticket to the west end of the counter for beer and wine, and to the freezer (just near that) for soda and dessert.

Ask for water, or supply it yourself from the bus station around the edge of the cafeteria. Be a friend and supply it to your whole table! Cornbread is on the table and refillable – it makes a great appetizer while you’re waiting for your meal.

During the wait, enjoy the company. The Fish Fry is a great way to meet parishioners and school families who are new to you, especially when you’re sitting at a table with them. Introduce yourself, ask friendly questions like when did you start coming to HR, or the Fish Fry? And which Mass do you go to, etc.

There is a coloring area for kids – it’s safer than children running wild.

  • Kids aren’t supposed to run in the cafeteria (especially with so many middle and high schoolers carrying trays of food and dishes that block their view of little ones under foot).
  • Additionally, kids aren’t supposed to play on stage.
  • Please keep an eye on your kidlets and feel free to police anyone who is disregarding these important rules. (HR school kids know the rules but may feel free to ignore them in this setting).

In 2019 the Fish Fry takes place Friday, April 5 and April 12. The Steak Dinner is Friday, April 26. 5:30-7:30 pm.

Proceeds support the Parent Club’s funds to support the school – typically arts programming.

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Catholic Schools Week

Catholic Schools week has begun! With many contributions this morning to 10 am Mass, the children of Holy Redeemer were a hit. Many wore their uniforms to church in order to earn a free dress pass. The youngest children led the opening song, and sixth graders read the first and second readings.

All week long there are celebrations in store:


Each class has chosen its own free-dress theme.


Holy Redeemer Olympics feature performances and contests, and each class dresses in the color of a different country they’ve chosen to represent. (Typically, the Olympics has taken place on Thursday of Catholic Schools week.)


Grandparents’ and Special Friends Day – children will host their grandparents in their classrooms, and have a chance to visit the Scholastic Book Fair. Children will perform in the cafeteria for grandparents’ and special friends’ viewing pleasure. (Typically, a school Mass has been held on Wednesday of Catholic Schools week.)


In honor of the feast day of St. John Bosco, patron saint of Catholic schools, Archbishop Sample will say Mass for the community.


No school!

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Uniform Closet

Holy Redeemer’s best kept secret is our uniform closet!

In a small room off the music room, you will find (pre-loved) HR uniforms from teeny-tiny to adult-sized, even including sweaters!

There are also shoes, Spirit Shirts, Jog-aThon shirts, and more. One of my son’s favorite T-shirts is a dark green T that has Holy Redeemer written on it, front + back, with no logo – found in the uniform closet. We’ve found HR Soccer caps there, and the original soccer scarves (that are again available in the Spirit Store).

Accessing the Closet

You might wonder how you can access the uniform closet.

During school hours, you can ask Lonney or someone else at the office, and they will let you in!

When school is over, but BTC staff is still hard at work watching our children, one of the BTC teachers will let you in.

Bringing Your Students’ Old Uniforms

You are welcome to take what you need from the closet whether or not you have uniforms to bring there.

Later on, when your children outgrow their current uniforms and Spirit Shirts, you are welcome to leave them at the office or in the closet.

Please see the front office if you have questions!

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Auction – A Night for HeRoes – March 2, 2019

The 2019 auction is fast approaching! 

This year’s theme is a Night for Heroes!

Ways to get involved are numerous! Selling (and buying) raffle tickets, engaging in conversations with local businesses about donating silent or live auction items, and volunteering at the event are just a few. You can also attend the auction and encourage your family, friends, and colleagues to attend, too!

One way that every class gets involved is through Class Projects. Read more here (PDF). Parent Reps in each grade rally their classes to develop, implement, and deliver project ideas.

This year Holy Redeemer will feature class projects in the live auction. There are several reasons for this, but the most compelling was how awesome last year’s projects were!

We want to see them get more visibility, and we know they have higher value than they receive being in the silent. If your class has a project this year, we hope you will rise to the challenge and take advantage of the opportunity to create something great with your class. Consider making something that anyone might want in their home and not something that only speaks to parents within your class.

The school will reimburse up to $75 in supplies towards the class projects. If this year your class is assigned a basket, it’s your year to take a break in creating something spectacular for the Live auction. That said, we thank you for crafting an attractive themed basket to feature in our silent auction! We know that sometimes compiling a basket from class donations is just as much work as creating a project, so we appreciate your efforts very much.

Another new element to this year’s event is that our paddle raise will be in support of the emergency and safety needs. We need to be HeRoes for our kids and make sure our school is a safe place for them to learn and grow. Therefore, our event theme is A Night for Heroes and we will be taking an elegant approach to a superhero theme. 🙂 If you were hoping to make a project/basket that jives with our theme, now you know!

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Back to School BBQ – Sept. 7, 2017

Welcome (back) to Holy Redeemer for the 2018-19 school year!

Most years, the first Friday of the school year, Parent Club hosts a school wide, free, back-to-school BBQ with hamburgers and veggie burgers, fixings, and chips. We usually have soda for sale and the Spirit Store. 

This year due to the Eagle Creek wildfire, we rescheduled the BBQ to Sept. 7 – the first Friday night of the school year, 5:30-7:30 pm, on the playground.

All are welcome!

Tips for a successful BBQ:

  • Bring a picnic blanket and, of you think of it, water bottles (we have water jugs available for refilling).
  • Show up by 7 pm so there’s time to make more burgers if we need to.
  • Take the time to meet new families – especially if you are a returning HR family, please make the effort to reach out to unfamiliar faces. We easily forget how it can feel to be the newcomer (scary, lonely, sad) to our community amidst all our own joyful reunions happening at the start of a new year.