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Uniform Closet

Holy Redeemer’s best kept secret is our uniform closet!

In a small room off the music room, you will find (pre-loved) HR uniforms from teeny-tiny to adult-sized, even including sweaters!

There are also shoes, Spirit Shirts, Jog-aThon shirts, and more. One of my son’s favorite T-shirts is a dark green T that has Holy Redeemer written on it, front + back, with no logo – found in the uniform closet. We’ve found HR Soccer caps there, and the original soccer scarves (that are again available in the Spirit Store).

Accessing the Closet

You might wonder how you can access the uniform closet.

During school hours, you can ask Lonney or someone else at the office, and they will let you in!

When school is over, but BTC staff is still hard at work watching our children, one of the BTC teachers will let you in.

Bringing Your Students’ Old Uniforms

You are welcome to take what you need from the closet whether or not you have uniforms to bring there.

Later on, when your children outgrow their current uniforms and Spirit Shirts, you are welcome to leave them at the office or in the closet.

Please see the front office if you have questions!

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Back to School BBQ – Sept. 7, 2017

Welcome (back) to Holy Redeemer for the 2018-19 school year!

Most years, the first Friday of the school year, Parent Club hosts a school wide, free, back-to-school BBQ with hamburgers and veggie burgers, fixings, and chips. We usually have soda for sale and the Spirit Store. 

This year due to the Eagle Creek wildfire, we rescheduled the BBQ to Sept. 7 – the first Friday night of the school year, 5:30-7:30 pm, on the playground.

All are welcome!

Tips for a successful BBQ:

  • Bring a picnic blanket and, of you think of it, water bottles (we have water jugs available for refilling).
  • Show up by 7 pm so there’s time to make more burgers if we need to.
  • Take the time to meet new families – especially if you are a returning HR family, please make the effort to reach out to unfamiliar faces. We easily forget how it can feel to be the newcomer (scary, lonely, sad) to our community amidst all our own joyful reunions happening at the start of a new year.
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Fish Fry Starts March 9!

The first of three Lenten Fish Fry evenings is Friday, March 9th from 5:30-7:30 pm in the cafeteria!

We are more in need of volunteers tomorrow night than for the next three Fridays. If you can volunteer, please contact Dana Wazny.

The Fish Fry will also take place Friday, March 16th, and Friday, March 23rd! The events are Parent Club-organized fundraisers for the school.

We eat fish on Fridays because during Lent, most people over age 14 are prohibited from eating meat. Note that for the past few years, we’ve offered vegetarian entrées as part of the Fish Fry for the veg(atari)ans among us who always abstain from meat.

See the flyer below:

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HR Auction is Fun for Longer than a Night

At the Holy Redeemer Auction you’ll definitely have fun — and that’s regardless of whether your attending the auction or volunteering. Any time you come together with so many friends, that’s inevitable.

The fun doesn’t end auction night though — you’ll have a chance to bid on so many experiences, auction party nights, travel packages, front row seats at the December Christmas program almost a year away — the fun just keeps going on and on.

Also at the auction, the prize winner is drawn of the raffle — that winner gets a $3000 travel voucher or a free year of Catholic school — wha?? That fun continues long after the auction ends — through June 2019.

Finally, if you bid on may of the art projects or themed baskets that each classroom produces, the fun may literally never end. A single game night basket will supply with you with new board games to try for-ever. A student art project will hang beloved on your wall till your kids become grandparents and on and on.

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Celebrate Birthdays with Books

Beginning this winter, your child can celebrate their birthday by donating a book to Holy Redeemer through their classroom.

Holy Redeemer is excited to offer a new option for celebrating student birthdays.

Beginning now, students are able to donate a book to their classroom in honor of their birthday. The book will receive a colorful plate on the inside with the birthday student’s name, and the book will stay in the student’s classroom where all classmates will get to enjoy it! This option gives students a healthier way to celebrate their big day.

Contact us with questions.