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Fish Fry – What to Expect

This year the Fish Fry is undergoing some changes! Not only can you pay by credit card (which was introduced last year) but we’ll have two Fish Fry events and, after Easter, a steak dinner!

The event runs from 5:30-7:30 – if you arrive right at the beginning you might face a longer line than if you arrive at 6 or so. Note that Stations of the Cross in English starts at 6, and there may be another crowd surge when that lets out.

Give your order and pay as you walk in. Allow young volunteers to seat you – they will accommodate you if you plan to meet up with specific friends or family. They will deliver your order to the kitchen.

If you’ve ordered beer, wine, soda, or dessert, you’ll be given a ticket for each – bring the ticket to the west end of the counter for beer and wine, and to the freezer (just near that) for soda and dessert.

Ask for water, or supply it yourself from the bus station around the edge of the cafeteria. Be a friend and supply it to your whole table! Cornbread is on the table and refillable – it makes a great appetizer while you’re waiting for your meal.

During the wait, enjoy the company. The Fish Fry is a great way to meet parishioners and school families who are new to you, especially when you’re sitting at a table with them. Introduce yourself, ask friendly questions like when did you start coming to HR, or the Fish Fry? And which Mass do you go to, etc.

There is a coloring area for kids – it’s safer than children running wild.

  • Kids aren’t supposed to run in the cafeteria (especially with so many middle and high schoolers carrying trays of food and dishes that block their view of little ones under foot).
  • Additionally, kids aren’t supposed to play on stage.
  • Please keep an eye on your kidlets and feel free to police anyone who is disregarding these important rules. (HR school kids know the rules but may feel free to ignore them in this setting).

In 2019 the Fish Fry takes place Friday, April 5 and April 12. The Steak Dinner is Friday, April 26. 5:30-7:30 pm.

Proceeds support the Parent Club’s funds to support the school – typically arts programming.

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