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Back to School Night

At Holy Redeemer, parents can meet the teachers and learn more about how their children’s classrooms operate, what the homework policies are, and whether the teacher has a good sense of humor, by visiting Back to School Nights.

There are two:

  • Thursday, 9/13 at 6:30 pm – for grades K-5
  • Thursday, 9/20 at 6:30 pm – for grades 6-8

The is no child care provided at Back to School Night. What that means in practice is that kids either stay home, or families connect with an older student who can babysit on the playground during the sessions.

If your family has only one child at the school, and multiple parents, parents can take turns sharing time with the child and visiting the classroom (since there are two sessions). 

If you can’t make it to Back to School Night, rely on other parents to help you out, and know that teachers send home handouts that you’ll probably get in your child’s Friday folder this week for parents who missed.

The schedule of K-5th Back to School Night looks like this:

Annual Title I Parent Meeting in Room # 119-Prior to our K-5 Back to School Night!

6:30-6:50 — Meet in cafeteria full group- introductions and brief message from Mrs. Raineri and Fr. Pat

6:50-7:00 — 4th graders’ parents meet our violin teachers and learn about our violin program

7:00-7:15 — First session with homeroom teachers

7:20-7:35 — Second session with homeroom teachers

7:35 — Mrs. Raineri will make an announcement that teachers are finished and she will be available for any questions

The schedule of Middle School Back to School Night looks like this:

6:30 — Meet in your child’s homeroom

7:00 — Meet in the cafeteria to speak with all middle school teachers and share refreshments.

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