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HR Auction is Fun for Longer than a Night

At the Holy Redeemer Auction you’ll definitely have fun — and that’s regardless of whether your attending the auction or volunteering. Any time you come together with so many friends, that’s inevitable.

The fun doesn’t end auction night though — you’ll have a chance to bid on so many experiences, auction party nights, travel packages, front row seats at the December Christmas program almost a year away — the fun just keeps going on and on.

Also at the auction, the prize winner is drawn of the raffle — that winner gets a $3000 travel voucher or a free year of Catholic school — wha?? That fun continues long after the auction ends — through June 2019.

Finally, if you bid on may of the art projects or themed baskets that each classroom produces, the fun may literally never end. A single game night basket will supply with you with new board games to try for-ever. A student art project will hang beloved on your wall till your kids become grandparents and on and on.

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