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What to Expect – Parent Club Meetings

Our first Parent Club meeting of the year is tonight! Parent Club meetings are open to all!

While some parents have volunteered for specific roles, we really do want all parents to feel comfortable coming to meetings and speaking up. If you are a parent without a specific role, you are still a member of Parent Club!

Some things to expect:

  • Parent Club meetings take place in the Art Room at 7 pm on the second Tuesday of each month of the school year except December and June. Not often do we need to cancel or reschedule Parent Club meetings – but we have in the past related to ice/snow storms or the meeting falling on a holiday.
  • When you come to the meetings, enter the school through the double doors on the far eastern end of the school building – the doors facing the rectory (white house between the school and church, where our priests live) and the church.
  • We enjoy fellowship, so many folks bring snacks and beverages to share – often including wine and beer. If you are in recovery and the presence of alcohol is a barrier for you to participate, please let Parent Club’s leadership know. ¬†Note: Please don’t throw away wine cups or beer bottles in the art room trash can as kids will be in there first thing the next morning!
  • Meetings start off with introductions all around the room – names, your role at Parent Club and/or in the school (if staff or faculty), and your children’s names and grades.
  • We rotate through a series of lively reports – Principal, treasurer, Spirit Store. If the chairs are in a kind mood, they will allow any special guests to speak early on, during this report period, so they don’t have to stay for the whole long meeting. This kind of depends on whether the guests are making a proposal that requires a lot of discussion and decisions/voting.
  • Then we review recent programming, and discuss upcoming programming. Upcoming programming is often where we put out a call for volunteers to step up for tasks — it’s great if people in the room step up, but it’s even better if we put our heads together to think of the right person in the broader community to ask. In that way we involve new parents in our work.
  • We try to adjourn at 8 pm sharp — often this is directly related to how much wine is available and consumed.

So, welcome! If you’d like to be added to the Parent Club google group, please leave me a message here with your email address, and the names/grades of your children, and I will do so.

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